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Code of Conduct

The Titan Security Solutions Code of Conduct establishes some key principles that apply to all Titan operations and shall guide the behaviour of all employees at Titan.

The principles relate to:

1. Personal Conduct of Employees

2. Compliance

3. Business Partner Relations

4. Workplace Standards

5. Corporate Responsibility

The Titan Security Solutions Code of Conduct supports our Values and is supplemented by Titan policies, rules and guidelines. The Titan Code of Conduct is part of the terms of employment at Titan.

Personal Conduct of Employees

Employees must comply with the law.Titan Security Solutions expects its employees to work by the Titan Values: Honesty, Efficiency, Responsibility and Quality.  Whenever in doubt, employees should raise their questions with a superior or another responsible staff member.  Colleagues, customers, and other business partners must be treated with respect and fairness.  Discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, are unacceptable at Titan.



Compliance with all applicable rules and regulations lies at the heart of Titan business practice.  Ensuring all officers receive the required training.


Business Partner Relations

Titan will ensure that its suppliers, customers and other business partners are familiar with the Titan Code of Conduct.  The Titan service delivery will meet agreed standards for quality, health and safety at customer sites.  Customer privacy is respected and applicable data protected.  Customer complaints will be addressed effectively, and are considered a valuable contribution to constantly ensuring high levels of service

Workplace Standards

Titan ensures proper working conditions for its employees, including appropriate health and safety standards.  All employees must uphold reputation and image of our customers through performance and reflection of customer objectives and codes of conduct.  Employees are offered training opportunities relevant to the services they perform.  Titan respects employee privacy and protects applicable data accordingly.

Corporate Responsibility

Titan operates according to principles of good corporate governance.  Titan is committed to continuously reducing adverse environmental effects of its operations.  Titan acts as a good corporate citizen in all societies where it operates.  The social, environmental and ethical commitments of Titan shall be reflected in all dealings with customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.