About Us

Community Engagement

The communities in which we live and work are important to us and it is our policy to support them. We will:

1. Support our local community and authorities to achieve a safe and secure environment for all.

2. Seek to go beyond our legal obligations, to make a real and lasting contribution.


3. Focus on those areas where we can contribute most, using our knowledge and expertise, reflecting the priorities of our stakeholders.

Linking Community with Business Strategy.


We believe that our business strategy is enhanced and best served by engaging the communities in which we work and live. Corporate responsibility is a high priority for Titan Security Solutions and we recognise that we have an important role to play in our local community.

We believe that by going beyond our legal obligations to the community, we establish, maintain and enhance our ‘right to operate’ as a responsible business. Investing in the community helps develop positive relationships with local people and make Titan a responsible supplier.


Focus Areas


Our community strategy focuses on three key areas

1. Community Support.

2. Community Partnership.

3. Customer Partnership.

In each of these areas we will be seeking to improve co-ordination and strengthen current activity. In particular, we will seek ways in which our community activity can provide learning and development opportunities by actively engaging our employees.


Focusing on our corporate charities will bring our employees together in a common cause and provide a greater focus to our fundraising activities. We will set fundraising targets and support a planned range of annual fundraising initiatives.


Through our charity donations strategy we will seek to build on these partnerships. This will include looking at ways to add value and opportunities to extend initiatives across regions or to other companies with the aim of helping our partners.